The formation of burrs cannot always be avoided despite the most modern manufacturing processes. The burr depends on the materials used, the punching tool, the laser power and the geometry of the components. This ridge and the sharp edges represent an increased risk of injury and interfere with the further processing of the products.

We tackle the burr with a wide variety of deburring machines and methods.

Components with a size of 140 mm or more are deburred with our brushing and deburring machines. Smaller components are deburred using barrel finishing, slide grinding or by hand. In this way, Edelstahl-Mechanik GmbH can always guarantee cleanly deburred products.


Working areas: up to component size 6000x1500mm


Working area: small parts under 140mm


Application examples:

  • entgraten-0
  • entgraten-1
  • entgraten-2
  • entgraten-3