Additive manufacturing or 3D printing
of metal alloys

Additive manufacturing or 3D printing of metal alloys opens up almost limitless possibilities.
True to the motto: "Reinvent your metal production - production rethought"
We are expanding our technology portfolio to include additive manufacturing using SLM processes (selective laser melting).

Declaration on the SLM manufacturing process:

We manufacture on systems in the Selective Laser Melting process (SLM).
The selective laser melting process is a powder bed-based additive manufacturing process.
Here, the laser melts the individual metal powder particles with the highest precision and welds them to the surrounding particles.
This creates a cohesive bond between and within the individual layers.

This layered structure of the components means that the design freedom is almost unlimited. In this way, high component complexity and functional integration can be implemented without any problems. Additive manufacturing enables the economical production of individual parts, for example for building prototypes through to small series. "Complexity for free" - Compared to conventional manufacturing, the individual manufacturing costs remain constant with increasing complexity in additive manufacturing. The potential of this new technology is particularly evident in components with functional integration, such as cooling ducts, lightweight structures, components with undercuts and much more.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Production costs regardless of the component complexity
  • Weight reduction through topology optimization or lightweight structures
  • Function integration: Function optimization through hybrid or integral construction
  • Constructive degrees of freedom in component development
  • Shapeless and near net shape production for a shortened product development process
  • Manufacture one-off and small series economically
  • No tool costs
  • Short delivery time
  • On demand manufacturing
  • Sustainable manufacturing process
  • Fail fast - fail cheap - faster / cheaper way to the end product

Thanks to our extensive portfolio, knowledge and skills in stainless steel processing based on over 30 years of experience, we can offer our customers the highest quality from a single source!

Do you have any questions about additive manufacturing?
We would be happy to advise and support you in optimizing existing or customized components!


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Technical specifications:

  • Max. Dimensions: 300x300x300 mm
  • Build rate: up to 90cm³/h
  • Laser power: 2 x 600 Watt


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Application examples and diagrams:

  • additive_fertigung_1
  • additive_fertigung_1_1
  • additive_fertigung_1_2
  • additive_fertigung_1_3
  • additive_fertigung_1_4
  • additive_fertigung_2
  • additive_fertigung_3
  • additive_fertigung_4
  • additive_fertigung_5
  • additive_fertigung_6
  • additive_fertigung_7
  • additive_fertigung_8
  • additive_fertigung_81
  • additive_fertigung_82
  • additive_fertigung_830
  • additive_fertigung_831
  • additive_fertigung_84
  • additive_fertigung_85